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Economic empowerment Program

Economic empowerment Program

Given the high rate of injury due to burn accidents in Egypt, whether resulting from intentional violent behavior or resulting from accidents, many burn victims are exposed to a lot of challenges, including the rejection of society, especially those with deformities and visible scars, which leads to dropping out of education and poor job opportunities.

Investing in Burn survivors’ economic empowerment sets a direct path towards reintegration, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth for the whole community. 

Ahl Masr engage in social inclusion and socio-economic empowerment for burn survivors with special focus on women as they represent 70% of victims. The activity facilitates the re-integration of the burn victims in society and enhances their financial independence.

Ahl-Masr is currently empowering more than 200 women 


Because the only way we can truly make a difference is together, share, help, and save a life