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Kitchen Tips

More than 70% of the fires start in the kitchen.

Never leave cooking unattended.

Do not carry a child on your hip, or nurse a baby while cooking, drinking hot drinks or heating a baby's bottle.

Always make sure that all hot liquids and containers are well out of children reach.

Keep lighters and kettle cords out of reach of children.

Always keep the stove clean from oils and food preservatives or any flammable liquids.

Never mix liquid detergents their interaction can lead to a fire accident, also the toxic gas comes out may cause suffocation.

Young children should not be involved in the preparation of hot food including the use of microwaves.

Always turn saucepan handles away from the edge of the stove.

Close oven door immediately after opening.

Ovens are not to be used as heating sources.

Wear close-fitting clothes and roll up sleeves. Turn stove top flames off before reaching above the stove.

Don't leave a boiled pot or boiled oil in a fryer without a cover.

Never put water on a flammable oil pot, water components acts as a great flammable liquid once exposed to oil fires.

Keep electrical wires away from the stove and heat.