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Reintegration of burn survivors program

Reintegration of burn survivors program

Reentry into society after burn injury can be a formidable task for many survivors. Physical challenges such as persistent pain, scars, amputations, and mobility restrictions are issues burn survivors face as they attempt to redefine themselves. Psychosocial issues also challenge burn recovery. Depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) occur frequently, with PTSD being reported in 15% to 45% of burn survivors, more than 3 to 8 times higher than in the general population. Additionally, although less well documented, a significant number of burn survivors experience emotional distress, anxiety, insomnia, and body image problems.These conditions can be lifelong disabilities for survivors and can be associated with loss of their peer groups, unemployment, and social discomfort, leading to isolation.


Ahl-masr reintegration and inclusion program main objective is empower and provide support to Burn Victims towards being accepted as active members in their community.

This is implemented through peer support groups, camps, recreational art,  and back to school program 



Because the only way we can truly make a difference is together, share, help, and save a life