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Full Recovery Program

Full Recovery Program

In an instant, a person’s whole life can be shattered by a severe burn. Without access to comprehensive care, that person and their family will suffer devastating physical, financial and emotional harm. Ahl-Masr Foundation provides burn survivors and their families with comprehensive healing, from life-transforming surgeries to psychological support.


The Full recovery program is divided into three main pillars:


  •  Physiological recovery: which includes life saving procedures, life-changing procedures, scar revision surgeries, physical rehabilitation, and nutrition.
  •  Rehabilitation program: rehabilitation goals are achieved using treatments such as pain control, pressure garments, splinting and positioning, and exercise.
  •  Psychological support: In Ahl-Masr psychological and re-integration program, we work on understanding the process behind a patient’s mental suffering after a burn as it will help clinicians recognize the psychological consequences. This helps providing appropriate psychological services for burn patients and will help speed up their recovery. Thus, it makes it easy to achieve rehabilitation appropriate to their social, occupational and family situation and the emotional needs of the patient can be dealt with more effectively. 


Because the only way we can truly make a difference is together, share, help, and save a life