Ahl Masr launched the “So we don’t forget” campaign to raise donations for the burn and trauma vicitims. The initiative aims to raise enough money to fund the development of a hospital wing named after the victims of the tragic Ramsis
Station accident that will be dedicated to treating burn and trauma victims for free – and it’s the first hospital of its kind in Africa and the Middle East.


The initiative, that was started by Dr. Heba El Sewedy, was started not just to memorialize the names of the victims of the accident, but also to highlight the importance of raising awareness about the importance of donating to the cause. These donations will not only go towards the hospital’s completion, but will help equip the hospital with the latest equipment that will rival the best hospitals in the world, as well as going a long way towards helping us address this kind of tragedy in the future.


The campaign will also help with the most important aspect of reducing the effects of such incidents by educating people about preventing fires and how to deal with them in the event that they occur.


The initiative also had a dedicated hashtag that millions of people engaged with, which only highlights the gravity of the incident as well as helping promote a cause that will save the lives of countless victims as well as preventing death and injury to countless others.


Many celebrities also joined the campaign by taking pictures of themselves wearing the campaign t-shirt which carries a message of solidarity about not forgetting the victims; the t-shirt was designed by the renowned fashion designer Kojak. Dr. Heba El Sewedy spoke with high praise about the positive contribution made by celebrities, she also commented on the fact that the power of celebrity goes a long way in effecting change and raising the kind of awareness needed to
prevent these accidents and being fully equipped to deal with them when they happen.


Because the only way we can truly make a difference is together

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Because the only way we can truly make a difference is together

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