Rodaina Mohamed

Rodaina Mohamed
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Donate your Zakah and Sadaqah to save a Burn case’s life and get their surgeries done.

Rodaina Mohamed, 6 years old.

“World is a wise teacher, and I learned that there is a thin string between heaven and hell, and the only thing differentiate between them the importance of thinking twice before doing anything, no matter how small the thing was.”

Rodaina was not at an age to be held accountable for what she was doing, a little kid playing with her friends with fire, and one of them decided to imitate a game he saw in a street with a fire and insecticide, the fire did not stop unless she caught her face and her hand that was holding the insecticide spray, the moment that taught her a lot, raise this innocent little girl with strength and wisdom.

Rodina has a long treatment journey ahead, help her complete her surgeries and contribute with your generous donation.

first aid tips
Don't Leave flammable materials, such as paper or plastic bags, in the car for long periods of time.