We dream of a world where humanity is free from burning.

Donate your Birthday to save burn patients

On his 50th Birthday, Sherif Madkour decided to forgo receiving gifts and instead requested donations for Ahl Masr’s burn patients to help save lives. The surprise came when a total of 150,000 EGP were raised. Consider doing the same on your Birthday and make a difference for Ahl Masr’s burn patients.


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Ahl Masr Foundation

Established in 2013 under registration No. 728/2013, Ahl Masr Foundation for Development is the first nonprofit organization in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa dedicated to researching, preventing, and treating trauma and burn injuries. Shortly after its establishment, Ahl Masr Foundation (AMF) began building Ahl Masr Nonprofit Trauma & Burn Hospital. Equipped with advanced medical technology and world-class scientific methods, Ahl Masr Hospital is the first and largest of its kind in the Middle East, serving trauma and burn patients in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa. It is located in the 1st settlement in New Cairo district, covering a land area of 200,120 m², allocated by the Ministry of Housing, with a built-up area of 45,245 m² and a capacity of 200 beds. The hospital also houses a Scientific Research Center, a Social Research Center, and an Emergency Department.



The survivors have nowhere to go and end up being unnoticed

Every year, there are 11 million burn patients worldwide, with half a million in Egypt, half of whom are children. 37% of burn patients in Egypt die within hours due to a lack of proper facilities, and the death rate increases to 60% within a few days due to infections and dehydration. The first six hours are critical for burn patients, and they require rapid and efficient intensive care. Initial treatment can last from one to three months, and the overall treatment journey can span several years with 30 to 40 operations. In Egypt, burns are the third leading cause of injury-related deaths, with road accidents being the primary cause. Blood is crucial for burn patients’ wound healing, as it plays a vital role in repairing damaged skin and tissues.


Burn patients

95% of the vicitims are excluded from society because they can’t afford rehabilitation and treatment.


Private donors

cover our operating costs as 100% of your donations will bring life to people in need



Burn patients need immediate attention within the first 6 hours to save their lives



an internationally recognized hospital with an Egyptian leadership… with a capacity of 200 beds.


Sponsor an entire project

Full Recovery Program

In an instant, a person’s whole life can be shattered by a severe burn. Without access to comprehensive care, that…

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Reintegration of burn survivors program

Reentry into society after burn injury can be a formidable task for many survivors. Physical challenges such as persistent pain,…

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Economic empowerment Program

Given the high rate of injury due to burn accidents in Egypt, whether resulting from intentional violent behavior or resulting…

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Burn Prevention and Awareness program

  The Burn prevention and awareness program aims to drive greater awareness amongst the Egyptian community on burns prevention and…

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Volunteer program

Volunteering and volunteers have always been pillars of community development activities, the beginning of the development good series is the…

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Giving Our Children Burn Survivors Their Childhood Back “ Pediatric Burn Patient Full Recovery Program”

We are always ready

We always have rooms ready with a highly experienced medical team and specialized nursing staff from each department to conduct comprehensive examinations of the injured, determine the patient’s condition, and plan the treatment journey.




Rehabilitation is an essential component in the management of patients with burns and should be commenced on the day of injury is sustained.

Family therapy

Parents play a crucial role in supporting their children with burns, helping them navigate this challenging experience without any lasting psychological impact.


In some cases, burns can affect the movement of joints in the affected area. Physical therapy plays a crucial role in restoring the natural movement of these joints and the surrounding muscles, as well as strengthening them to facilitate a full recovery.





After completing the treatment journey, the institution provides ongoing support to the injured in various ways. This includes follow-up sessions with a psychiatrist to help them overcome any challenges they may face in society.

After patients have completed their treatment and fully recovered, they can share their experiences to support others in their treatment journey and provide hope for them.


Fill the plate

The “Fill the Plate” donation campaign strives to support the provision of better treatment for wounded and burn victims by ensuring they receive nourishing meals. Through this initiative, individuals and organizations can contribute to filling plates and supporting the recovery of these individuals. By donating to the “Enhance Healing” campaign, you’re playing a vital role in combating hunger and promoting the well-being of these communities, one meal at a time.



17 Victims… and the Grandson Still Resists An exhausted grandmother, worn down by the years and burdened by the weight of time, struggles to stay on her feet as she carries her injured grandson, who bears the scars of severe burns. Her pain is palpable. Let us not forget the magnitude of the tragedy. A sudden explosion deafened her ears, leaving destruction in its wake. The blast originated from an old, primitive stove, shattering everything in its path. Seventeen lives were lost in an instant. Some fought for survival, only to succumb to the flames. Others sought medical help, only to be met with ignorance and misguided treatments that sealed their fate. The grandmother embarked on a desperate quest for a hospital equipped to treat burns, witnessing the suffering of her grandson. As she watched her grandson’s mother recover before her eyes, the grandmother bore the burden of her grandchildren’s scorn. Her grandson’s life was cut short by his disfigurement.

  • Raised : EGP
  • Goal : EGP


Medical Equipment

Water, Distiller, 8 Liter/H

Water, Distiller, 8 Liter/H

It is a device that purifies water by removing over 99.9% of pollutants, including chemicals, heavy metals, microorganisms, and sediments. The distillation device consists of a boiling chamber, a cooling system, and a separate storage tank.

Collected 141,390 EGP of 50,000 EGP
Warmer, Blood

Warmer, Blood

It is a device that raises the temperature of cold blood to the desired temperature while transferring it to the patient’s body to prevent any issues during the transfer process.

Collected 29,040 EGP of 50,000 EGP
Wall Bar

Wall Bar

The wall climbing unit for physical therapy is used to train patients in abdominal exercises, strengthen body muscles, and improve flexibility.

Collected 5,430 EGP of 50,000 EGP
Ventilator, Transport

Ventilator, Transport

The portable ventilator is a device that assists a patient’s breathing by delivering a mixture of air and pure oxygen in emergency rooms and critical care situations to quickly save patients in need.

Collected 131,800 EGP of 50,000 EGP
Ultrasound, Therapy, Unit

Ultrasound, Therapy, Unit

It is a device that generates high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to provide deep heating to muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments, which helps reduce pain. Ultrasonic waves are a common therapeutic modality used in physical therapy.

Collected 49,313 EGP of 50,000 EGP


The treadmill is a medical device used for cardiovascular exercise and overall body muscle training. It helps patients walk or run on it and typically features adjustable speeds and inclines to simulate movement.

Collected 14,048 EGP of 50,000 EGP
Tourniquet, Electric, Dual Channels

Tourniquet, Electric, Dual Channels

The device prevents blood flow in the veins and arteries of the upper and lower extremities of the patient’s body during surgery on one of those limbs.

Collected 26,604 EGP of 50,000 EGP
Table, Washing, Mortuary

Table, Washing, Mortuary

The hospital washing table is used for washing bodies, dressing wounds, and temporarily storing the body.

Collected 12,997 EGP of 50,000 EGP
Stretcher, Mortuary, Concealment

Stretcher, Mortuary, Concealment

The deceased patient can be transferred from the hospital room to the morgue covered. The transfer is done by concealing the deceased under a specially made top cover.

Collected 1,745 EGP of 50,000 EGP
Stretcher, Mobile, Hospital

Stretcher, Mobile, Hospital

The transport trolley allows the safe and speedy transfer of patients to medical service providers within healthcare facilities such as the emergency room, operating room, and intensive care unit. The patient transport trolley typically consists of a surface for carrying the patient, mounted on four wheels, and is usually adjustable…

Collected 16,688 EGP of 50,000 EGP


We will not stop until all the unseen burn victims in the forgotten corners of our world have the safety they need and deserve


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