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General Overview

General overview of Ahl Masr Hospital for Burn Treatment:


  • There are 11 million people injured annually from burn accidents in the world.
  • In Egypt Half a million burn victims annually, 50% of them are children.
  • More than 37% lose their lives in the first 6 hours; because there are not enough equipped hospitals & emergencies to save their lives.
  • Days after the incident, the percentage rises to 60% due to blood infection and dehydration due to malnutrition.
  • The real challenge is that up till now there is not a single hospital specialized in treating and healing burns in the Arab region, the Middle East, and Africa in general.
  • Now we can provide 30 burn cases with the necessary medical care in the emergency department of the hospital, which is designed with a capacity that can accommodate 30 emergency cases at the same time with the presence of qualified doctors and specialists to deal with cases of critical burns.
  • The hospital is fully equipped with an “automation system”, which is dedicated to the implementation of most medical interventions automatically to reduce human efforts so that they could provide complete care for burn patients. 
  • The medical departments are designed in a way that allows surgical intervention as soon as possible.
  • To minimize loss of time, and because ”it all takes one second” just one second  is dispersed in rescuing burn victims, the various corridors, entrances, and exits of the hospital departments are designed to allow passage in one direction only.
  • The rooms are medically equipped in an automatic way to quickly receive burn patients’ “systematic accommodation” and provide the required medical services in a fast manner.
  • The hospital is equipped to allow rapid communication between members of the medical team, and integration between the hospital departments to facilitate and quickly meet the different medical needs of burn patients.
  • A supportive environment for healing, starting with the selection of designs, colors, and music based on the principles of environmental design that supports the psychological and physical rehabilitation of burn patients.
  • In order To be committed to the environment and social responsibility, the hospital works on a system for energy saving, reducing emissions, and relying on alternative energy.