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Emergency department




The emergency department is designed and implemented to provide care for burn victims and provide medical services for all types of injuries at the individual level and at the level of disasters and crises, with a capacity that allows receiving 30 critical burn patients at the same time, With a highly competent, qualified, and specialized team, certified in advanced cardiac resuscitation for adults and children.


Field of Services: –


  • Receiving all burn cases and emergencies at the individual and disaster levels. Taking into account that the corridors of the hospital are in one direction within the entire department to ensure speed of movement.
  • Distributing the supporting departments of the emergency to be adjacent to the department to speed up the ambulance of cases.
  • Arranging the different emergency departments (accommodation rooms – surgeries room – resuscitation area – major and minor intervention areas in addition to an observation area for adults and children separately).
  • The emergency departments are arranged according to the degree of injury, for example, the most critically injured burn patient can be treated in the nearest area, such as the resuscitation department, which was placed next to the entrance designated for ambulances to speed up the provision of medical services.