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Clinics Department

The in-hospital clinics’ department is fully equipped with a digital system that provides all digital booking services, doctors’ appointments inside the clinics cover all specialties for adults and children, including الجراحة وطب النساء وطب الأطفال 


يوجد داخل قسم العيادات الخارجية

 the out-hospital clinics’ included:


Spare rooms for burn wounds and do not require in-hospital booking

(e.g. plastic surgery and rehabilitation).


Laser treatment unit and its importance in the treatment of burns in out-hospital clinics 


Burn cases are divided into:


  • Cases of recent burns (requiring reservation in intensive care and complicated, high-quality treatment, its primary goal is to preserve life).
  • Deformities after burning, (require cosmetic treatments and rehabilitation and their main goal is to beautify, restore the function of the affected parts of joints and muscles, etc., and rebuild the damaged organs as a result of burn accidents).
  • Laser is often dedicated to the treatment of post-burning deformities, and its role can be complementary or alternative to cosmetic surgery, recently certain types of laser such as (CO2 Fractional LASER) were used in addition to the growth stimuli which proved amazing results after being tried.


Out-clinic Oxygen healing Unit:  وحدة العلاج بالاكسچن في العيادات الخارجية


Oxygen is very important in healing wounds properly because it helps provide nutrition for wounds, within the out-clinic oxygen healing unit the wounds are exposed to oxygen gas under high pressure which helps to heal wounds faster and better in shape.