Nagat Mostafa

Nagat Mostafa
collected 36,538 EGP
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Donate your Zakah and Sadaqah to save a Burn case’s life and get their surgeries done.

Nagat Mustafa, 34 years old.

“I’m pretty, I know my worth, I will never hide again.” – Nagat Mostafa, a mother who works in a wedding hall, her daughter watches her with pride and passion,  sees how her mother working for her sake, and in a blink she finds nothing but light, a moment of recklessness someone throw a Flammable bottle that changed the fate of Nagat who got burned instantly.

Nagat sat at home with fear of facing society, she understood that the problem was never in the burn scars on her face, and that she is getting her self confidence and power from her daughters and the need of her daughters to her power.

Nagat needs to get a surgery done to get back to work and meet the needs of her daughters.

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