Adam Mohamed

Adam Mohamed
collected 41,680 EGP
Target 100,000 EGP

For any child the balcony is a playground, but for Adam it is his life’s knot.

It is impossible to imagine that a lighter fires in the entire balcony, but unfortunately the balcony lit up and the fire caught his face, hand, leg and stomach.

And with your donations, Adam performed an operation and he is still have 10 more operations in order to be able to live an almost normal life.

Donate because your donation will change his life .


10 surgeries will be performed: The insertion of 3 tissue fillers in the head / an operation in the eye / removal of adhesions in the face + removal of adhesions by the hands / cartilage will be installed in the ear in 4 stages

first aid tips
Always keep a cover on the frying pan.