Ahl Masr Foundation adopts a holistic approach to treating burn and trauma victims. The rehabilitation process
incorporates physical, psychological and social aspects of care. Our aim is to help patients heal inside and out and to regain a good quality of life beyond their ordeal.

Statistics show that 18% of burn victims have a permanent disability, and 17% have a temporary disability, this is down to physical rehabilitation often being overlooked during the initial critical hours following injury. From the moment they begin treatment and parallel to medical care, we provide patients with physiotherapy sessions to
maintain their full range of movement and maximize their functional ability.

Many people are aware that burns, in particular, are among the most painful, debilitating injuries a human can suffer. However, the psychological effects of burn injuries do not receive as much attention, even though the impacts on a victim’s health and well-being can be just as significant. The hidden pain victims endure is emotionally devastating due to disfigurement, recalling horrific memories of the incident as well as, often devastating, social and family rejection. That is why the Ahl Masr Foundation focuses on providing psychiatric therapy and psychological counselling for burn victims, particularly women and children, to help them adjust to post-injury life by assisting them with reintegrating into society and promoting a sense of self-acceptance.

Our outreach campaigns cover local communities, with a special focus on schools where children with burn injuries may face emotional abuse from their peers, which invariably leads them to feel isolated and withdrawn, and may result in poor school performance, or even them dropping out altogether.

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Because the only way we can truly make a difference is together

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