The Intensive Care Unit is one of the most crucial factors in ensuring good patient outcomes. Because stays in the ICU usually extend to several months, they have to be designed to provide the best medical care and optimum anti-infection procedures.

The Intensive Care Unit comprises a section for children and another for adults, as the requirements differ completely due to the physical differences and medical requirements of each age group. The medical team of doctors and nurses will also differ as will the medications and medical supplies. Children, psychological well-being means that accompanying family members, particularly mothers, play a primary role; this requires higher levels of infection control.The colours and lighting are a. taken into account to make sure that room helps the children maintain a positive mental outlook, which contributes greatly to their recovery.The children, ICU covers the ages of 6 months to 18 years; children nineteen years and older are referred to the adults’ department.

The isolation rooms are vitally important to immunocompromised individuals (AIDS sufferers, the elderly, diabetics, etc.) or those who might infect other patients (SARS patients or during epidemics).The rooms are fortified against the spread of infections whether through positive or negative air pressure.These rooms are particularly important to burn victims, especially those who have been to other hospitals who have failed to treat them, or when several have elaps. since the accident occurred.


The Inpatient Department receives victims of light to moderate accidents or victims of major accidents, who have finished treatment in the ICU and whose health has improved. This department requires a smaller nursing staff and less intensive medical care.


The surgical department consists of four small operating theatres one large operating theatre in the Accidents Department; one large operating theatre in the Emergency Department; one large and one small operating theatre and one surgical procedures room in the Burns Unit. The operating rooms have all been equipped to the highest specifications, and implement stringent anti-infection procedures to ensure that there is no cross-contamination, whether with regard to implements or individuals. Every room is design. to closely adhere to Egyptian and international standards, with some even surpassing international standards with regard to size and equipment.

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