The bank is equipped to prepare and store the skin specimens to be used for burn victims with varying degrees of injury. Skin grafts are also carried out here as well as for undergoing scientific research on the samples.

The skin grafts are used for new burns as well as post-burn disfigurement and may either be taken from the patient themselves or other donors. Small grafts can also be used in a mechanism where they can eventually cover larger areas of the original wound.

These procedures are particularly important in the case of injuries that exceed 5096 of the person’s body.The bank can also be a source of providing samples to other hospitals and centres.



Accidents and burns require speedy blood transfusions to save the victims’ lives, which is why it is vitally important to have sufficient stores of blood and its derivatives at all times. Every two minutes there is an injured person requiring a blood transfusion; this means that one donation of blood can save up to three victims of burns and accidents, as well as sufferers of acute Anaemia and other diseases.

This is why at the Ahl Masr Organization we strive to spread awareness about the importance of regular blood donations, not only to save lives, but also because donating blood is beneficial to the donor due to the free blood analysis the donor receives, as well as the fact that it is beneficial for the heart, encourages the proliferation of new blood cells, helps protect against Cancer, as well as preserving iron levels in the blood.

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Because the only way we can truly make a difference is together

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