Scientific Research

All medical interventions for the treatment of accident and burn victims depends completely on scientific research; this is to enable us to develop different treatment options, whether with regard to medicines, skin, blood and indeed everything connected to the protocols of diagnosis and treatment.

The Ah I Masr organisation is currently in the process of establishing a sNcialised research centre in order that we may keep up to date with the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment and adapt them in accordance with the facilities and resources available.

One of our priorities is to support the culture of scientific research in the hospital and create new cadres of researchers who can come up with inexpensive and effective solutions.

Social Research

At the Ahl Masr organisation we believe that a deep understanding of all the social and economic aspects surrounding accidents and burns contribute greatly to preventing such injuries and avoiding and the ensuing social repercussions.

The Social Research Centre will provide a solid database from which we can understand the social causes and results of these incidents, and provide solutions for their prevention.

The centre will a. study the general policies related to providing services for victims of accidents and burns, to enable us to provide recommendations to service providers and all concerned, that will I.d to wholesale reforms.

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Because the only way we can truly make a difference is together

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