Ahl Masr Hospital is the first and largest hospital and Research Centre for the free treatment of trauma and burn victims in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.

Located in the 1st settlement in New Cairo district, the hospital is constructed over a land plot area of 200,12 m2, allocated by the Ministry of Housing, and a built-up area of 45,245 m2, with a 175-bed capacity.


Our Mission


The hospital’s main task is to bridge the gap between what society can contribute to burn victims on one hand, and the actual needs of burn victims on the other hand; this is possible only by calling for hospitals in general, and Ahl Masr in particular to play a different role where the focus is on scientific research as a cornerstone. In addition, training and development for the entire group of service providers, as well as effective social research will ensure a greater understanding of the phenomenon of accidents in general, and burns in particular, to reach the optimal solutions for treating these cases on an individual and societal level.


Scope of Services


The hospital provides a new concept for the provision of medical services through the concept of comprehensive treatment of accidents and burns (ITBL) which not only provides medical service but provides psychological as well as social support and career rehabilitation for victims so that they can become active members of society once again.

Because the only way we can truly make a difference is together

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Because the only way we can truly make a difference is together

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